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Who are we?

About us - Who are we


About Us


Who are we?

As a relationship-based firm, we build longstanding trust with our brokers and partners. We listen to what they need and use that as a foundation for our professional and tailor-made solutions. Our company has maintained a personal approach while developing its expertise, which has allowed for increased agility and responsiveness when faced with an evolving market. We stand out thanks to our applied financial management, focused on preserving the wealth of our insurance clients.

Our brokerage network distributes our range of solutions in 3 areas: life insurance, savings and retirement. Our partners offer our white label solutions. We are identified as a primary and complementary provider. We are creative and agile in the development of our insurance solutions to ensure that they are adapted to the actual needs of our clients.

Since 1975, we have offered our clients and partners significant expertise, sound risk management, solid financial stability and longevity. We are still the only French life insurance company with Canadian ownership.

About us - Who are we

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Benefits of working with Optimum Vie

A wide and diverse range of attractive products

Highly qualified experts at your service

Strong client loyalty

Recognized expertise since 1975

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