Broker access

Broker access


Broker access

Welcome to the broker portal

In this space, you can:

  • Look up a client and view their policies
  • Obtain information about financial funds
  • Access all management documents related to policies
  • Quickly find the key numbers related to a client’s portfolio

In this space, you can access:

  • Pricing tool
  • Sales library

Application and enrolmentIn this space, you can initiate electronic signatures via the “Signer en ligne” solution from our provider DOCAPOSTE.Only applications and enrolments in policies in which the pre-contractual information was set out in an electronic signature format may be submitted:

  • OPTIMUM Goals
  • Optimum PER Individual
  • OPTIMUM PER Privilege Individual
  • OPTIMUM Privilege Investments

(Other policies will be available soon.)

In this space, you can offer clients the option to pay with their bank card thanks to our provider Societe Generale so they can:

  • Make their first payment on a policy
  • Settle an unpaid contribution
  • Make a self-serve payment. Only payments between €30 and€5,000 are accepted.
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